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    Published: 2014-05-29, by .

    An interesting tool to analyze your mood

    • Great psychological tool
    • Easy to use, high usability
    • Curious

    "What's My Mood?"

    MoodBook is a diary application for iOS devices that is especially useful for keeping control and analyzing the evolution of your daily mood.

    What do you need to do? Add events with their corresponding mood feelings and keep track of how your mood changes depending on what situation you're experiencing, adding extra notes to enhance the study. The app also allows to share your moods via social networks and creates a life chart so you can watch your evolution and reflect on what type of events tend to make you angrier than others.

    The usability is great and the app is extremely easy to use: in order to rate an event, you just need to drag your finger up or down to change the Emoticon smile until it expresses how you really feel.

    Black Flag Software is the developer of MoodBook, a simple yet interesting tool for getting to know you better, an app that helps you evaluate your feelings and discover what affects you the most.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    May 29, 2014


    MoodBook is the diary for your feelings, a special tool for tracking and analyzing your mood. A beautiful app helps to understand your emotions and lifestyle in a funny and easy way.

    With MoodBook you can:
    - Keep notes of your emotions and situations with funny and interesting mood labels.
    - Discover the reasons of situations in your life. Why did it happen to me? What makes me happy or sad? With Moodbook you will find the answers to these questions.
    - To organize emotions. This app will analyze and create a life chart. You can easily find out how this or that event affects you just having looked at your life changes. It is fun and easy, isn't it?
    - To create easy and fun event rating. Select one from 5 categories and put comments with images.
    - Share your emotions in Facebook and Twitter.
    - Browse the mood history of your life with the help of a colorful scale.
    - Visualize your mood in chart and graphics.
    Using MoodBook app you can find a decision more easily avoiding many troubles. Make your life more predictable and controlled; don’t let negative situations affect you. Let only happy events enter your life!
    MoodBook is a wonderful tool that was created in cooperation with psychologists to help people cope with challenging situations everyday. The special book of your emotions is like the best friend who always tells you the truth and helps to make your life better.