MyKi Care




    Through the MyKi Care™ app you can see your baby's temperature and health all the time with a MyKi Care thermometer connected to your mobile phone.

    The MyKi Care thermometer is highly sensitive and accurate, has low power consumption and it is easy to use!
    Other functions of the app, such as impulsive temperature change alarm, provide your baby the best health care and makes MyKi Care one of a kind product.

    The dongle (optional) makes information, available at any place, without any restrictions.

    Key Features:
    • Wireless - Real time temperature measurements;
    • Remote Monitoring - Monitor your child's temperature on your phone over the MyKi Care app. I.e while you are at work and your child is at home;
    • Measurement History - Check your child's temperature directly on your phone;
    • Child profile - You can set age, height and weight of your child;
    • High and low temperature alert - Set alerts when your child's temperature rises or drops below certain thresholds;
    • Dongle - access to the information for the temperature is available from any location.