MyNeighbours Kitchen




    Enjoy delicious food from people(with different culture, perfect cooking skill, creative in their own unique way while cooking and the ones that cook your favourite food) living around your neighbourhood.

    Neighbour's Kitchen is a platform built for people that love to cook most times in their homes. But why not turn your home into an online restaurant whereby you only come online to satisfy people's hunger at your own time and earn money at the end of the day?

    As a user: By using the Neighbour's Kitchen app, you can order your food from people you see everyday, people you trust, people that know you. Select whatever you feel like eating and make an order. Your food will be cooked in minutes and not a preserved food which will be microwaved. Make payment and you get your food at your doorstep(and again, from the person you know).

    As a cook: You just finished preparing a delicious meal with an attractive look and you feel you can make money out of what you just cooked. Why not take a picture of it, upload it to the app, give it a price, also add additional items you feel people will love to add to that meal and publish it.
    Once you get an order, you cook it immediately and get it delivered to the user within your neighbourhood so as to avoid bad ratings. Payments will be made before the commencement of cooking.
    You can view your earnings from the app and you can withdraw your earnings anytime, any day as it grows.

    Neighbour's Kitchen is currently available in Nigeria, US and UK.