Verbal Memory Assessment




    The Verbal Memory Assessment App is a tool for verbal memory assessment in a clinical setting. It is intended for health professionals familiar with cognitive assessment. It provides a 10-word-list for immediate recall, delayed recall and recognition based delayed recall. Suggested cut-scores are provided as assessment for normative data has not been done.

    The App will be useful to clinicians working in the field of cognitive dysfunction to assess for verbal memory impairment. This will include doctors, nurses, psychologists and other allied health professionals working with dementia patients.

    The App is not intended for people suffering from memory impairment. It is not a self-assessment of memory impairment. It is intended for clinicians.

    The Verbal Memory Assessment App does not provide medical advice and cannot replace good clinical practice. It is intended for health professionals familiar with this type of assessment. Use of the App is at your own risk. Clinicians are strongly encouraged to first read the Full Instructions and Teaching Booklet that accompanies the App.