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    Islamabad Places & Travel Guide App is all about the places in Islamabad. App gives you complete information about famous Places, Landmarks, Hotels, Apartments, Food Places, Restaurants, Hospitals, Medical Care Centres, Embassy information, Real Estates, Clubs, Business Directory, Govt Offices, NGOs, Emergency Services and Police Stations. You can locate all those places on Google Map too. This App gives you easy sharing option to share places with your friends.

    You can use it to locate all famous landmarks and interesting places. Using this app you can find anything at anytime. If you want to find nearest Parks, Hotels, Hospitals, Food Places, Restaurants or Police stations; it helps you to find all those places. So use this app and save your & others time.
    You can get complete information about Hotels Directory, Guest Houses, Accommodations, Reservations, Apartments, Resort, Top and Cheapest Hotels in Islamabad.

    You can easily find best food places & restaurants via this app. App also helps you to find nearest food places and restaurants. It also gives you complete details of Food Places, Restaurants, Serena Hotel, Italian and Chinese restaurants, fast food, Pizza and other healthy food places in Islamabad.

    Travel Guide App also gives you information about healthcare centers and hospitals. Using this app you can locate nearest hospitals, clinics, medical stores and healthcare centers in Islamabad.

    It also helps you to find Govt. Offices & Police Stations. You can easily get general information about all Govt. Offices like addresses, Phone numbers, email & website address and Map location. You can also get Emergence Services information.