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    Published: 2016-07-01, by .

    Using smart algorithms, Nexar al Dashcam will keep you alert of any dangers and will also record your drive

    • Intuitive, minimalist UI
    • Waze integration
    • Won't run on older devices
    • Battery drainer

    "Record your ride"


    Nexar al Dashcam wants to be your go-to dash cam when driving on the road. Simply register with your cell phone number or your Facebook account, and you’ll be able to tap on the Dashcam button to start recording your driving trip. Nexar will help detect hard brakes or sudden driving events to keep you alert. Since it does use your GPS, Nexar will give you alerts around the areas you tend to drive. This app will also keep a history of your recordings, so you can watch them later at your convenience.


    Nexar sports a well-designed minimalist UI, which lets you tap on a button to start recording and have it running as you drive without having to worry about continually checking your device to make sure it’s on. This app also integrates with Waze.


    Since you are using your phone’s camera to record your driving progress, continuous use of Nexar will drain your battery hard. This app won’t work on older phones that don’t support iOS 8.0.

    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Jul 01, 2016


    Nexar turns your phone into a smart dashcam. Stay alert of road hazards and protected from fraud -- for free!

    Just place your phone in a car mount with a clear view of the road ahead, and start driving. Nexar automatically starts recording and will:
    * Auto-record dangerous events and collisions
    * Upload these recordings to the cloud for you
    * Alert you of hazards ahead in real-time
    * Generate free collision reports

    With Nexar, you also get:
    * Unlimited cloud storage for recordings of dangerous events
    * Access to all your events from any device
    24/7 support -- anytime, anywhere

    Nexar Scans the Road
    Using machine learning and computer vision, Nexar constantly scans the road and detects when objects ahead become dangerous -- like when the car ahead suddenly stops.

    Nexar Automatically Detects & Records
    When Nexar detects dangerous events, it automatically records and stores them on the unlimited Nexar cloud for you.

    Nexar Protects You from Fraud
    In case of a collision, Nexar uses your phone’s sensors to collect data on the crash and analyze it. Then, Nexar generates a high fidelity collision reconstruction report which includes collision dynamics, diagrams, maps, and more. You can send this to your insurance agent as proof, and prevent fraudulent claims against you.

    A Seamless Experience
    Nexar automatically detects when you start driving. Just get behind the wheel, place your phone in a car mount on the dashboard or windshield (with a clear view of the road ahead!), and drive. Nexar does the rest!

    Access Videos from Any Device
    Nexar stores all of your dangerous events in your very own private account on the Nexar cloud, which you can access from on any device. The dashboard gives you stats on how frequently you drive, where you drive, at what speed, and more.

    Smart Settings for User Control
    Nexar lets users control how much storage and data the app uses. Just head to Nexar under your iPhone’s settings.

    Pay Less for Insurance
    Driving with Nexar could save you up to 10% on your insurance premiums. Learn more at If you’re a professional driver in the NYC area, visit

    When you drive with Nexar, you join a community of tens of thousands of drivers who crowdsource road safety together. Join today and help us make the roads safer!

    More Nexar Features:
    * Smart storage system ensures you’ll never run out of phone memory
    * Internal recording - Rideshare driver? Record inside your vehicle to deter drunk or aggressive passengers
    * Keep your attention on the road ahead with Nexar voice commands
    * Share your videos on social media


    “Why do I have to sign up using Facebook or my phone number?”
    We use Facebook or your phone number as your unique login key. That way, you can gain access to all your recordings on your own private Nexar cloud account.

    “How do I set up Nexar in my car?”
    To work properly, you’ll need a phone mount and an in-vehicle charger. Nexar must be fixed in place for accurate sensor readings, and an in-vehicle charger will make sure Nexar is always recording. You can also connect Nexar to any Nexar-ready dashcam. Learn more at

    “Can I record with Nexar in the background while using other apps?”
    Unfortunately, due to an iOS security limitation, this is not possible, though there is a workaround. If you connect Nexar to a Nexar-ready camera, like those sold on our shop at, you can use other apps while Nexar records in the background. Otherwise, you’ll need to keep Nexar in the foreground to record your rides.

    “I need help using Nexar.”
    Have more questions? Want to know more about storage, data, and privacy? You can contact our support from the app at any time. Or, check out our expanded FAQ at

    Disclaimer: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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