Indoor Ninja




    Dynamic interconnected devices are now defining the way we manage our workflow in todays modern office environment. Indoor.Ninja provides a secure and integrated workplace that enhances the personal interactive experience. By using our ever-present personal smart-phones, Indoor.Ninja’s app creates a seamless solution for building access, elevator journeys and automated parcel deliveries as well as offering visitors a professional image of your company.

    Our interactive lobby screens allow visitor’s to by pass the reception desk and contact their host immediately. From this first video call, each visitor is guided directly to the correct floor of the building by a pre-assigned elevator ensuring they you are the first point of contact at all times.

    Parcel Box - Indoor.Ninja’s digitally connected parcel lockers enable a totally new approach to sharing and receiving of documents or parcels. Each Parcel Box unit can be configured to fit any space while helping to reduce security risks by directing all courier traffic to one centralised ground floor area. Instant notifications make it easy to retrieve or deposit packages simply by using your smart-phone.

    Access Controls - Operators and building management companies often struggle to find a reliable and cost effective solution that offers a real-time user experience. Indoor.Ninja removes the need for expensive individually coded electronic cards, as all floor and door access rights are assigned to each tenant through their smart-phone. The on-site system administrator assigns, extends or removes access in a few moments, allowing each tenant to view and gain access to their predefined points of entry.