The OmniPOS application combines our Point Of Sale expertise and innovative iOS technology to provide comprehensive solutions for Hospitality and Retail businesses.
    OmniPOS systems can be tailored and scaled to your individual business needs; incorporating your choice of a variety of functions and devices to best suits the style of your operations.
    The system operates on an application platform and is supported by Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Most importantly, it is incredibly easy to use and setup.
    Whether you have a small café or a large chain of hotels, we have a solution for you. A new system from OmniPOS will improve your overall management capabilities and allow for more streamline control of your business activities.

    1. Hub & Client (Multiple device connectivity up to 3-4 devices).
    2. Easy to setup menus.
    3. Backup & Restore Data using Dropbox.
    4. Predefined Tables, Predefined Discount and Surcharge rates.
    5. Multiple tax rates, 2nd language for menu names.
    6. Clock-In & Clock-Out to keep track of employee's shift.
    7. Customer management (Credit, Barcode, Loyalty, VIP customers, reservations etc.).
    8. Allows to view & modify closed bills.
    9. Dine-In, Take Away, and Quick Service.
    10. Report: X-Report, Z-Report, Report History (Sales, User Sales, Hourly Sales, Individual Items report, Deleted Items report, Refunded Items report).
    11. Stock Control (Stock Sold & Stock Receipts).
    12. Scanning: Product & Customer Scanning (During taking order), User Scanning (During Login & Clock-IN)
    13. Mix & Match, Package Deals, and Happy Hours
    14. Loyalty: Auto loyalty voucher generation for selected customers
    15. Auto Logout after each transaction (optional)
    16. Open Items (Open Price, Change Price)
    17. Transfer/Combine Tables
    18. Split Bill
    19. Refund Items
    20. Instructions
    21. No Sale
    22. Table Text
    23. Hold & Fire
    24. No Sale Notification
    25. Training Mode
    26. Payment: Cash, Card, Credit, Voucher
    27. Printing Orders on: Kitchen View (Within App) and Kitchen Print (Printers).