Nue Wellness: In-home services




    Welcome to Nue Wellness! Creating a healthy lifestyle through innovation, together! Nue Wellness provides a platform where you can access your city's top licensed and background checked health and wellness professionals, On-Demand in your area.
    -Board-certified Physical Therapists
    -Massage Therapists
    -Personal Trainers
    These are the professionals who are making a difference within the health & wellness industry. Can you imagine the ability to enhance your home, office, or hotel room into the absolute supreme clinic, gym, or spa?

    Reinvent the way you access board-certified physical therapists with Nue Wellness. Did you wake up with a painful neck? No problem! With Nue Wellness you're able to connect with top licensed physical therapists promptly who are in-network with your insurance. You also have the option to choose to pay out of pocket/cash and not be limited with your insurance to receive quality care.

    Features Include:
    -On Demand or on your schedule.
    -GPS locates user, able to modify address
    -Users connecting with a physical therapist are able to choose Cash or Insurance method of payment.
    -Connects in-network providers of Physical Therapy to users electing to use their insurance.
    -Three different disciplines with specific specializations to choose from.
    -Ability to view descriptions of specializations for each discipline.
    -Rebooking feature for Personal Training/Massage Therapy.
    -Group discount
    -Rate your provider once session is completed.