Heartland Mobile App




    The Heartland Mobile App is a fast and simple way to manage your term deposits, Call, PIE, and savings accounts.

    • Log in faster with PIN or Touch ID
    • Save time by viewing your balances without logging in
    • View your term deposits, Call, PIE, and savings account balances and transaction history
    • Open a new term deposit, Call and savings accounts
    • Transfer money from your Call account to your nominated account
    • Decide what happens with your term deposits when they mature
    • Send us a secure message
    • More to come - find out what else we're working on at

    Getting started
    If you already have a savings or deposits account with Heartland Bank and are signed up for Internet Banking, simply download the app, login with your current user ID and password and start using it.
    If you’d like to use the app but are not yet registered for internet banking please email or call us on 0800 86 88 84.

    Things to know
    • By downloading and using the Heartland Mobile App you agree to be bound by Heartland’s Online Services Terms of Use, as well as our Account and Service General Terms and Conditions and any other terms applicable to a relevant account or service.
    • For full disclosure and conditions, please refer to our website:
    • We can amend what functions are available via the app and these can change from time to time.
    • If you lose your electronic device or it is stolen, please contact us immediately on 0800 86 88 84.