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    Open Minds World School believes in seamless flow of knowledge for children who are eager to discover their passions. We celebrate diversity and multiplicity, questioning the status quo and have an open mind to continued learning. We encourage students to learn solve real life problems with innovation, compassion and understanding.

    We at Open Minds World School have a simple goal; to make children fall in love with schooling. We strive to create learning spaces, where children aren’t bound by restrictions and are free to learn what they want. We fill their hearts with an insatiable desire to learn, as well as to help them find better ways of doing things.

    Unlike traditional schools, which are easy to visualize with their boxed-in classrooms, we have open learning spaces. We don’t let bells decide when to close a math problem or open an English book. For us, it is the children who get to decide what they want to learn and when they want to learn. We encourage mixed age group learning, exploration and self study, small and large group activities as well as lectures, when they are needed.

    We at Open Minds World School, understand that every child is unique. Every child has her/his own manner and pace of learning. As a result, we facilitate a personalized learning approach to ensure every child gets enough time and guidance necessary to learn. We encourage children to explore new topics and subjects, as well as help them discover their passion, without any restrictions. The children choose what they want to learn and we help them in their learning process, until their learning objectives are met.


    Many extensive research studies have already concluded that confined learning is not that effective. This is because, the real world maybe far more ambiguous. As a result, the rigid structures of the traditional schools may not be enough for our child's growth and development. Contrastingly our approach is more realistic as we teach children to deal with the world, manage their time, and set their own goals. In short, we help them become more independent compared to other traditional schools.

    The superficial boundaries that restrict your children from exploring in other schools, do not exist in Open Mind World School. Our learning spaces are flexible and moulded according to the needs of the children. We don’t have teachers, we have mentors who will help your children learn what they want to learn, in a meaningful way.

    Scientific evaluation criteria
    At Open Minds World School we follow credit based evaluation system. We don’t have tests or examinations till Grade V. Each child’s learning is evaluated through the following parameters.

    Comprehension capability
    Knowledge on the topic or subject at hand
    Inference capability
    Practical application of information in real life