The app allows parents to capture via video and content all the important milestones in their child's early development from birth to age 5. This information is then available on the app to show their healthcare professional with a touch of a button or shared through email.

    Dr. Eli Adler created the app to solves a common challenge in the healthcare field. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent evaluating and treating children with development delays. All too often, children are either initially misdiagnosed or do not receive a diagnosis until years later. This is because parents usually cannot provide physicians and therapists with an accurate history of their child's milestone development.

    But now, the Childstones app changes all of that. The app will organize and store these short diagnostic videos, which are easily made accessible to a healthcare professional who may need to go back in time and study the child's progression in speech, physical or social skills. Any deviation from normal development will be preserved on footage. By having a diagnostic video collection taken over time, a professional will have the complete milestone developmental history that can be studied and used for diagnosis.

    "This is the only app of this kind available in the market today, and we are excited to provide parents this innovative and effective tool for tracking their child’s development," says Dr. Adler. "Our goal is to change the field of developmental delay diagnostics by using a simple platform to bridge a gap in children's historical data. Every child in this country has an immunization and health record. There is no reason why every child should not have a preserved developmental record.”

    The Childstones app has a number of features including free sign-up, alerts, use for multiple children, video, etc. Download and try the app.

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