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    Manage your MikroTik RouterOS 6.x devices anywhere, anytime with iWinbox. You can use this app in both iPhone and iPad. Enjoy it! iWinbox 2 brings exciting new features
    - Redesign UI and new dark UI.
    - Add a new menu IPv6.
    - Search highlight.
    - Better performance and fast loading.
    - Touch ID and Face ID verify.

    Router managements
    - Multi device management, comment and filtering.
    - Readonly mode.
    - Secure your devices with port knocking and API-SSL
    - Status bar to show whether it is connectable.
    - iCloud syncing! Backup your device list and restore them
    - Resource monitoring. version, uptime, cpu load, memory usage.
    - Live chart for cpu load and free memory.
    - Light/dark palette.
    - Touch ID and Face ID verify.

    Pro Features (Via In-App Purchases)
    - Full features. You can view/edit most settings.
    - Filter the list items.
    - Enable/disable/delete/comment list items.
    - Show description of Mikrotik Documentation when editing a field.
    - Safe form editing, only save/update changed attributes.
    - Be able to run System Scripts and get running result.
    - System shutdown/reboot.
    - Live Tx/Rx charts of interfaces.
    - Live Tx/Rx charts of simple queues.
    - Netwatch settings.
    - Ping, Bandwidth Test, Flood Ping, Ping Speed.
    - IP Scan, MAC Scan.
    - Profile, Torch, Traceroute.
    - SNMP monitoring. Resources usage, Interface bytes, queues rates, Hotspot user rates, client count...

    HOW TO’S

    Adding New Devices
    - Tap on ‘+Add a new device’ at the bottom.
    - Fill host, port, username and password. Readonly mode or comment is optional.
    - Tap on 'Save button' at the top right.
    - Tap on the device you just added to connect to the device.

    Edit/Delete Devices
    - Click ellipsis button on a device.
    - Tap on 'Edit' or 'Delete' button.

    Having Device Connecting Issues?
    - Make sure API service is enable in /ip services.
    - Check whether 8728 port is acceptable in /ip firewall filters.
    - Maybe the router's public IP is unreachable. Try to connect to your device in LAN first.

    Having any other questions?
    - Click the Menu button at top left corner in Devices page.
    - Click the Feedback button.

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