GAR for Tangible Earth 2017




    GfT (GAR for Tangible Earth) 2017 is a fully interactive free application on disaster risk reduction provided by UNISDR. Disaster data and statistics from throughout the scientific community is brought together in an easy-to-compare or "mash-up" format by the interface and scenario-building innovations from the Tangible Earth platform developed by ELP (Earth Literacy Program).

    Main Features

    * Major disasters
    Review the historical records of significant disasters (Cyclones, Floods, Earthquake, etc) around the world.

    * Risk Atlas
    Grasp the global landscape of disaster risks, visualised on an intuitive and dynamic 3D globe. Risks are quantitatively comparable beyond regions and type of hazards.

    * Case studies
    Study all risk driver & good practice stories from the GAR (Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction) by genre (climate change, economic vulnerability, governance capacity, etc).

    * Earth diary
    Read the latest news from the Prevention Web, published for the disaster reduction community.

    * Country profile
    Explore the detailed risk profile of countries, including estimated future economic losses and evaluations on social, economic and environmental drivers of risk.

    * AR (Augmented Reality)
    Activate the camera icon on the application and point your tablet at any of the maps in the printed version of GAR Atlas to “pop-out” further insights.

    GfT is fun, educational, and empowering.

    Note: We recommend that you use GfT with iOS versions 10.0 or higher with an iPad 4 or above, any iPad Pro, or iPad mini 2 or above.