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    Published: 2017-04-13, by .

    Outflow’s strong and easy-to-use features makes this finance app a keeper

    • Clean and crisp black-and-white UI
    • Strong, highly functional features
    • Supports several international currencies
    • Not all online services supported
    • No option to export

    "Organize your subscriptions"


    With so many online subscriptions we have to pay, sometimes it’s difficult to organize who and what you pay as well as when. Outflow is a subscriptions finance app that allows you to keep track of your online subscriptions by providing a layout where you can manually enter what you owe, as well as when you’ll have to make the payment. Simply select from top online services, like Spotify and Netflix, or just add your own company manually. Then, add the price, the billing frequency, and the payment method. Outflow will let you see the total amount of your subscriptions.


    A clean and straightforward black and white UI, along with strong, highly functional features makes Outflow the perfect app to keep your online payments organized, making for a finance app that I have personally kept on my device and use quite frequently. Outflow also supports international currencies.


    Don’t expect all online services to be supported, but thankfully, Outflow provides a quick way to add manual subscriptions. Plus, there’s no option to export your payments lists or share your lists with friends.

    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Apr 13, 2017


    Outflow aims to solve the problem of having multiple subscriptions and not knowing when they are renewing and how much you are paying for each. We have built the app to be intuitive and fast, so you can take control over how you are spending your money.

    ● View all your renewing fees with ease and quickly see how much you are spending on each and how you are paying for it.
    ● Quickly add subscriptions by connecting your Gmail to receive suggestions on what subscriptions to add.
    ● Add a subscription from our vast list that is always growing. However, if you don't see the subscription you are looking for, we got you covered because you can add a custom one.
    ● Ability to receive notifications in advance of it renewing to give you a heads up.
    ● Understand how much you are paying weekly, monthly and yearly.
    ● Track how many days until your subscription is renewed.
    ● Today extension that allows you to see what is renewing next in a glance.
    ● Store details regarding a subscription by attaching a note.
    ● Allows for the addition of multiple currencies and will convert it to your desired currency when calculating your totals. Supported currencies: USD, CAD, Yuan, Euro, GBP, MXN, AUD, BRL, RON, INR, SEK, JPY, SGD, DKK, MYR, RUB, CHF, TRY, NZD, IDR, HKD, NOK, AED and TWD.
    ● Ability to archive subscriptions during off periods.

    WARNING: Outflow is not automated. It relies on manual data entry to add most of your subscriptions. However, it does have the ability to recommend subscriptions based on your Gmail and will autofill some of the entry inputs based on that data.

    If you would like to get in touch, we are on Twitter @outflowapp or shoot us an email

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