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    Published: 2017-11-09, by .

    The importance of Yoga postures in order to sing well

    • Practical
    • Good communication
    • Allows you to improve your singing
    • Improvable design

    "Improve your singing with OVHD"


    OVHD is an app that introduces an innovative way to improve your singing skills. It is about mixing yoga postures with music. According to the creator, the spinal column is the support of our voice and it's important to take care of our body in order to improve singing. There are 14 chapters and each one of them has a new yoga position and a different piano song. Everybody will see the difference. ¿Are you ready to try this technique?


    This app is based on a book but the possibility of having these exercises available to check from the smartphone makes it quite practical. Besides, there is an explanation on how to achieve every posture. In addition, if you have any doubt or problem with the app, there is an option that allows you to write an e-mail to the creator. The results have been mostly good and people have actually felt an improvement in their singing.


    The design is not really good and could benefit from a makeover. That is due to the colors chosen for the font, as they are too light and, on the other hand, the background photo is dark. It would be correct to reconsider both aspects.


    by Nora

    Nov 09, 2017


    Our voice has body! A new method for singers
    The new method is a coming-together of music and yoga that I have developed through my own experience in trying to maximize the potential of the art of singing by combining elements from the morpho-genetic field and vocalization techniques.

    The app OVHB contain the vocalizations in four parts and 14 chapters to listen and make the postures listening the piano player.

    Through this method, I have been able to integrate singing with yoga as well as with rhythm. Now my work has become this book, which offers practical exercises organized into five parts and 16 chapters. Throughout them, I explain how to use physical poses and vocalization exercises to increase consciousness and balance when singing.

    When performing any physical action aimed at making music, be it singing, beating drums or playing any musical instrument, awareness of our posture, of every point of support of our body, can lead us to a state of harmony within ourselves, to a function I call unity.

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