Physics Calculation




    Physics Calculator

    This App Covers:

    Pressure Calculator
    RMS Value Calculator
    Voltage-Current-Resistance-Power Calculator
    Ohm's Law Calculator
    PI Attenuator Calculator
    Capacitance-Frequency-Inductance Calculator
    Mass Length Calculator
    Wheatstone Bridge Calculator
    Resistance-Frequency-Capacitance Calculator
    Temperature Calculator
    Wire Parameter Calculator
    Standard Resistor Closest Value Calculator
    Periodic Table Calculator
    Speed-Distance-Time Calculator
    PCB Circuit Trace Width Calculator
    Refrigeration Calculator
    Spectra Library Calculator
    Resistance Color Code Value Calculator
    L-C Resonance Calculator
    TEE Attenuator Calculator
    Frequency and Wavelength Calculator
    Voltage Drop Calculator
    Parallel Resistor Calculator
    Centripetal Acceleration Calculators Calculator
    Hooke's Law Calculator
    Static Friction Calculators
    Kinetic Friction Calculators
    Torque Calculators
    Pressure Calculators
    Specific Heat and Density Calculator
    Molecular Weight Calculator
    Spring Potential Energy Calculator
    Lensmaker Equation Calculator
    Thermal Expansion Calculator
    Simple Machine Calculator

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    This app is specially designed to solve your physics problems at the high school level, cape level, csec level and any general calculations you need.