Smart Alcohol Test




    Please remember that app's calculations should not be used to determine a user's ability to drive.

    Alcohol Test has several options:
    • CALCULATE – by choosing the type and amount of the alcohol you drank, you can find out how much intoxicated you are, and when theoretically you’ll be sober enough to drive according to law in chosen country. Set your gender, weight, height and at which hour did you start and stop drinking. It will calculate like breathalyser your maximum intoxication state and inform at which hour you will be theoretically sober.

    • REFLEX TEST – a simple trial in which you might check your actual reaction time. Ingestion of even small amounts of alcohol may result in a significant prolongation of the reaction time. Your average time reaction should be less than 0.4 second, if it’s longer than you’re probably still not sober enough to drive a vehicle. Tap the screen in the right moment to stop the virtual car, and prevent the road accident!

    • ALCOHOL TYPES – you can add new types of alcohol by typing in the proper box its title, capacity in milliliters and alcohol content in percentage (vodka, wine, beer, drinks and cocktails).

    • LEGAL LIMITS – you can also add by yourself another national limits on the acceptable level of blood alcohol concentration, allowing legally to drive a car.

    Please remember, that Alcohol Test is an application that only provides entertainment and the results are not scientific of evidential value. It’s based only on a mathematical algorithm and its results may differ from the actual! To get an accurate result of the blood alcohol concentration, you should use a real device.

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