QR Guest Code Reader




    QR Guest Code Reader is a simple QR code scanner designed to work with vacation rental units and hotels that subscribe to the QR Guest concierge service.
    Simply scan the QR code in the guest room or in your check-in materials and you’ll have all the information you need to enjoy your stay. From TV and media center instructions to restaurants and attractions, it’s like having a hotel concierge right in your phone!
    How many times have you checked into a vacation rental unit and only had a few takeout menus stuck in a drawer to choose from? Or in your hotel room, you have an outdated binder that is way to big to carry with you. The simple answer is QR Guest. The property owner or hotel manager lists the businesses that they personally recommend, so you are not just getting a standard ‘Yellow Pages’ listing. And you might find important information – like a baby sitter that has been vetted by the rental owner or the best place to get a massage.