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    QwizApp is an advanced flashcard App. Innovative learning management and configurable reminders create a comfortable learning experience.
    Content can be easily exchanged between different devices and shared with friends via Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter.

    You can easily create flashcards directly in QwizApp and even use your favorite program because QwizApp can import and export CSV Data.

    Nevertheless, you own all of your content and you decide whether you publish and share it or not.

    Core Features:
    Learning Coach with SRS, Leitner Kartei , Forgetting curve
    Dropbox sync
    Social Media, share on Twitter and Facebook
    Create flashcards as you would write a message to friends
    Sync qwizzes, including your progress, between devices
    Create qwizzes in Excel or Numbers and import them
    100% privacy, your content belongs to you
    More than 20 voices in different languages selectable for each qwiz for question and answer
    Built in narrator to listen and learn by heart, handsfree
    Bookmark Management
    Learning chart for every qwiz

    Your benefits:
    Easily put your knowledge stuff into QwizApp and share it, sync it, post it.
    Let QwizApp coach you, remind you and help you for the most convenient learning experience possible.

    Qwiz stands for ‚query wisdom information zine‘, it is an electronic piece that holds information that you want to learn.
    QwizApp ist a tool that is able to deliver this information into your brain. Just as an usb-stick for your brain.

    Don't confuse 'quiz' with 'qwiz'.
    A quiz is a tool for testing knowledge and a qwiz is a tool für earning knowledge.