tcCalc - timecode & frame calculator




    This app is an application to perform the calculation of the timecode and frame.
    - In the sense to operate a calculator, you can perform the timecode calculation.
    - You can convert the value of timecode and frame to each other.
    - Various frame rates are available.
    - Input value and the calculated result is automatically modified to a value of less than 24 hours from zero.
    (How to use)
    - The input of the timecode and the number of frames is done with a number button (0-9).
    - Calculation method is the same as the popular calculator, sign button (+, -, =, etc.) use.
    - For example, If you use the "-" button, you can determine the duration between the times.
    Changing the display mode:
    - When you press the "F" button, the timecode in the display is converted into the number of frames.
    - When you press the "T" button, the number of frames in the display is converted into the timecode.
    - You can change the display mode in the middle of the calculation.
    Changing the frame rate:
    - When you press the gray button, the frame rate is changed into the other rate described in the button.
    - You can choose the frame rate, 29.97fps, 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, 50fps, 60fps.
    - 29.97fps is Drop Frame (DF), otherwise Non Drop Frame (NDF).