Plastic Guide – Processing




    Plastic Guide – Processing - The user’s guide to plastics

    This app replaces the processing part of our previous app Plastic Guide and is intended to spread knowledge of thermoplastics and focus on processing.

    Plastics are a family of materials with almost unlimited application possibilities. Materials that are important in a sustainable society and our daily lives.

    In the Plastic Guide – Processing you will find different processing methods with following content:
    • Description of the method
    • Properties (Advantages/Limitations)
    • Applications with images and text
    • Animated and/or filmed videos

    1) Standard injection molding

    2) Extrusion of pipes and profiles

    3) Film blowing

    4) Blow molding methods

    5) Rotational molding methods

    6) Vacuum forming

    With an in-app purchase you can also gain access to the premium version with:

    1) Injection molding methods:
    • Multi-component
    • Gas-injection
    • Waterinjection
    • Co-injection
    • Foaming
    • In mold decoration and labelling

    2) Molding parameters of 42 plastics

    3) Trouble shooting guide with 37 types of problems

    4) Extrusion methods:
    • Corrugated pipes
    • Plates and sheets
    • Extrusion coating
    • Cables
    • Coextrusion
    • Extrusion foaming

    See a short video information on our site: