Shamisen Tuner-Pitch




    [SanShin Tuner]

    The simple user interface with noise filtering can help you tuning the 3 strings without any setting while activating the APP. When you pull the SanShin string, the pitch will be shown on the panel for the individual string by indicating signal high or low.

    [Function Description]
    ▪ Calibrate Piano Sound [Free]: Click on an open string then calibrate the sound with your SanShin. Piano Sound A4=442.
    ▪ The following functions are available once you purchase to unlock whole functions:
    ▪ A4 Frequency adjustment: choose 418~452 frequencies for A4 string.
    ▪ The scale for precision tuning is 10 cents for every sub-bit. The blue line represents the open strings start from. The green arrow means pitch is accurate and it will turn white once the pitch difference exceeds more than a sub-bit.
    ▪ The complete function, will visually tell you the pitch is good or not by lighting green or white. Users can easily adjust the string by the lighting arrow shown on the scale.

    We welcome you to feedback us for any questions, suggestions and comments regarding this APP.