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    Published: 2017-03-31, by .

    A new social application for sharing photo albums and browsing nearby events

    • Quick to use
    • Smart, detects automatically
    • Collaborative upload
    • Needs more active users
    • Privacy settings

    "The Collective Albums"


    Sircus is a new social application that presents a new way of sharing event photos and browsing what's going on around you. The application features the events happening around you, so you can check them out and take a look at the photos that have been taken there. In addition, you can also post your own pictures and let others experience the event from their mobile phones. Even if they're not there.

    Sircus is perfect for parties, work events and any other type of celebration you wish to share with the rest of the world. It works quickly and allows you and your friends to upload all the pictures into the same platform. You don't need to be Facebook friends, as the app detects that you've taken photos in the same location. In addition, you can also share the events via a unique URL that will allow anyone to see the pictures from a browser.


    The app presents a great design and it's super easy to use. It almost works automatically, as you can create an event based on the pictures you have stored in your device and the app will include the place and the time in a matter of seconds. And if your friends and colleagues also have the app installed, it will ask them to upload pictures from the save event as well.

    What we find most useful is that we can share the event with anyone, as the app creates a unique URL. You don't need the app, as it's completely public, unlike in other apps.


    The idea is interesting, but it's only active in certain locations and the events appearing on our dashboard were certainly not anywhere near us. That simply means the application needs to gather many more users in order for it to be actually helpful. This is one of those apps that require an active audience in order to work well, as the concept is pretty interesting.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Mar 31, 2017


    Sircus is the awesome new way to view and share event photos. Browse trending events near you or around the world; or take a look at what's happening in your suburb right this moment!

    Create crowdsourced albums in seconds and let Sircus do the rest – it senses which of your photos belong in that album.... not only that, it also lets your friends and other participants know that they have photos that belong there as well.

    Now there is no need to remind your friends to send you their photos from that party at the weekend!

    • Syncs all event photos in an album from you, your friends, and others in a consistent timeline – no more random assortment of photos
    • Location-based technology allows Sircus to know which photos belong in any particular event, saving you from sifting through your camera roll
    • Get going in seconds – just click 'Create Event' and either start an event right here and now, or browse through 'My Photos' to create a past event

    To get the best experience of Sircus, location services for the camera need to be turned on (Settings > Privacy > Location Service > Camera > While Using the App). Our privacy policy is at; please read before using this app.

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