Smart Biz Line - Office Comm




    Smart Biz Line – Office Comm enables you to control your business line from your smartphone anytime, anywhere, as if you were in your office.

    Smart Biz Line – Office Comm features

    Call profile management
    Users can forward office calls to local or overseas numbers

    Quick dial
    Enables users to make fixed-line local and IDD calls using a smartphone’s contact list

    Group phonebook
    View colleagues’ office contact details without manual input

    IDD usage control
    Users can check IDD usage anytime, anywhere

    Smart ICF
    Forward your office calls to an overseas phone when working abroad

    Smart Biz Line user benefits

    Manage local office calls
    – Switch office calls to your mobile with one click during a meeting or while away from the office
    – Make office calls using your smartphone or home phone
    – Call staff members who are not in your personal phonebook by using the company’s group phonebook

    Manage international office calls
    – IDD calls through the office phone are easy to make with new smart dialing, using your own smartphone’s phonebook
    – Dial out using your office number even when overseas

    Biz IDD management:
    – Use your smartphone to check up-to-date usage records
    – Manage monthly IDD spending with a pre-assigned IDD call-minute counter
    – Minimize risk of being hacked
    – Deactivate a smartphone’s IDD account immediately using the corporate portal, in the event of losing your phone