Songbirds - recognize by singing

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    Songbirds - recognise by singing: Hold your mobile recording device in the direction of the bird song that you would like to record. The recording takes between 10 and 30 seconds. The program ends it automatically and the result is displayed. You get information with photo and the voice. Internet connection required. 40 important birds Middle Europe.
    You get the app (English, German, French) in three languages.

    black redstart, blackbird, blackcap, blue tit, bullfinch, carrion crow, hooded crow, chaffinch, chiffchaff, coal tit, common linnet, common redstart, common swift, crested tit, dunnock, firecrest, garden warbler, goldcrest, goldfinch, great tit, green finch, house sparrow, jay, lesser whitethroat, long-tailed tit, nightingale, nathatch, pied wagtail, red crossbill, robin, serin, short-toed treecreeper, song thrush, spotted fly catcher, spotted woodpecker, starling, tree sparrow, willow tit, willow warbler, wren, yellowhammer