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    Speak Lao Language app is available for tourists, beginners, Lao people who forget to speak Lao Language. People live abroad who wish to learn and wish to speak Lao Language. This is designed for you.

    ***** You will not get lost during visiting Laos if you bring this app in your pocket!!!
    ****** Speak Lao Language App is a very useful tool which will give foreigners/beginners to learn and understand Lao language easily. We use native Lao speaker as female who speaks/pronounce words/phrases clearly and slowly so It will help you a lot.


    ***** There are more than 1500 Lao common words and phrases

    ***** Audio recorded by Lao Native Speaker, sweet female voice with Vientiane's accent
    ***** No need internet connection required
    ***** Search by words/phrases inside the app
    ***** No adverts or annoying pop ups

    *** There are 11 Categories:

    1. Basic
    2. Days
    3. Directions and Transport
    4. Lao Food
    5. Places
    6. Place to visit
    7. Vocabulary
    8. Months
    9. Numbers
    10. Lao Music Videos
    11. Lao Songs

    *** Note: If there is no sound?
    If the sound isn't working, make sure the mute switch is turned off, activate the application, then turn up the volume & the sound will work
    (you can find the mute switch and volume button at the side of your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch)

    Not recommended for old iPhone2/iPod Touch2 devices
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    NOTE: For people misunderstood. This app is Lao Language. It is NOT Thai language. Thai Language is similar to Lao language. I am native Lao speaker. I build this Lao app for people wish to learn Lao Language!

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