Sport Air Horn




    Sport Air Horn - change your smartphone into a noisy stadium trumpet, horn or vuvuzela.

    With this application, Sport Air Horn at any time, you can play a variety of loud noises:
    - any rhythm with the sound trumpet / horn,
    - horns melodies La Cucaracha,
    - stadium anthem or sports anthems.

    If you are a sports fan Sport Air Horn is perfect for football games, basketball games, volleyball, stadium events and all other sporting events. Air Horn can also be used to play with friends, at parties, holidays and in all situations when you need to ask someone out.

    The app is a great option for signaling purposes, eg in case of emergency or danger, one step you can start a loud warning sound or alarm.

    If you are a miner, shipyard worker, nurse, teacher or other unhappy professional group, you can also use the app Air Horn during peaceful strikes and demonstrations - it works perfectly :)

    Now you can have Air Horn always with you and use it at any time.

    Have fun!