TagMemo - Notes,Calendar,Handwriting,Folder

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    TagMemo - Notes,Calendar,Handwriting,Folder

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    TagMemo is now upgraded to the new look and features!
    New IOS 7 style design. Folders allows you can manage notes more efficiently.
    Check it out new TagMemo now.

    *** TagMemo is a new tagging-style memo app that will substitute iPhone Notes ***
    There are countless memo-taking apps, but some are too complicated, some can only be used after logging in, and some are too plain and dull.

    Try “TagMemo”

    You can add or delete tags whenever
    You can read all tags on one page
    You can make folders and manage your notes by them.
    You can add photos and hand notes in the memos.
    You can set the passcode to memos and folders.
    You can quickly search for memo names, context of the memo, and tags.
    You can restore the deleted content from ‘Trash’
    You can safely keep memos and photos through DropBox backup and restoration

    New iOS7 Design!
    You can customize themes, fonts and font size.
    Through convenient and simple UI, ‘TagMemo’ is effortless to use.

    *** Main Functions ***
    - Can create a new memo whatever screen you are on
    - Freely add / delete tags
    - Ability to manage folders
    - Ability to add photos (from ‘Photos’ or by taking a new photo)
    - Ability to draw handwriting notes(can draw over existing photo)
    - Ability to share memos (in SNS, MMS, E-Mail)
    - Favorites function
    - Passcode function
    - Calendar function
    - Trash function (can restore deleted memos)
    - Can search memo name, context, tags
    - ‘Swipe Button’ function
    - DropBox backup / restoration
    - Can change fonts / font size
    - Variety of themes and styles
    - iOS7 Design
    - Advanced settings function
    - DropBox backup / restoration does not require internet connection

    TagMemo will not stop evolving and improving until every iPhone user downloads and fully utilizes it. If there is any error, please contact Thank you.

    *** Caution : Only supports IOS 7.0 or later ***