The Guardian Angel




    The Guardian Angel App is designed to work together with the Guardian Angel jewellery to give you greater security in times of threats like date rape. Both the app and jewellery were created in partnership with AWARE (Association for Women’s Action and Research).

    Intervening to protect:
    Whilst a woman attacked by a stranger will shout for help, a woman who is caught in a situation with someone whom she knows is often surprised or confused by what’s happening.

    The Guardian Angel is the simple intervention you can call upon in times of trouble.

    The power to intervene:
    With the Guardian Angel App on, the Guardian Angel jewellery can ‘speak’ to your phone through long-range Bluetooth technology. One press of the jewellery button and your phone will ring instantly to intervene an uncomfortable situation and break the chain of events.

    Sending out an SOS:
    By pressing and holding the jewellery button for 3 seconds, an SOS message with a link of your GPS location will be sent to a designated phone number.