The Top of Palm Reader




    Are you interested in Palm Reading ?

    This app, you play game as palm reader which trying to be greate palm reader.

    Game Mode has three level which are easy, normal and hard.

    Is there any interest in palm reading ? Can be used for such a thing to remember and a palm reading .
    · ( Lifeline , line marriage , fortune line ... ) would be helpful to confirm the fortune of current life and so far their
    · ( Masukake line , line charisma , popular person line , Mote line ... ) to be Kizukeru dormant talent of their own
    • Do not become a little popular person in such as joint party , chance of meeting people that go great together increases ( duck )

    It is possible to memorize the palm reading while having fun playing a game , this app is the app for palm reading beginners .

    It is a game of quiz format to finish becoming the palmist , that we appraised the palm of the audience .

    Rules of the game is simple!

    Look at the picture of the palm , which is questions at issue , from four choices decision to ( judgment ) the contents of the correct answer . Points will be up and allowed to hit the correct answer , but impressive , scoring does not increase when a mistake .

    Time to choose the correct answer also is related to the score , the accuracy rate and speed leads to high scores .