Mindfully Here




    In its own unique and entertaining way, this new Mindfully Here App merges tech and spirit through offering special audio, video and text guidance aiming your attention effortlessly in uplifting meditative directions.

    At the heart of this app are 24 six-minute video experiences produced especially for this program. Each experience introduces a special Focus Phrase created by John Selby. You can easily hold this Focus Phrase in mind all day to help you stay heart-centered, creative, insightful, and responsive in all your activities.


    If you're new to meditation, our short-format programming will feel fresh, professional, and continually new and rewarding. You'll effortlessly strengthen your ability to maintain a positive mindset, no matter what's happening in your life.

    With our short-form programming, you don't have to struggle to discipline your attention - we do that for you, helping you develop a new, more mindful power that grows each new day.

    If you're familiar with long-form traditional meditation, this MindfullyHere app will help you fit meditation into short time slots during the day, reinforcing your meditative habits and providing new realms of reflection, contemplation, and opportunity for spiritual insight and realization.

    • Our unique nature/art photos will keep you deeply in touch with nature and help wake up bright feelings.

    • A variety of 100 Short audio vacations will lead you into instant pleasure and relaxation.

    • Spin the Insight Wheel and receive a special saying or query to spark sudden realizations.

    • Discover how our Breather Ball helps you tune mindfully into your inhales and exhales.

    • Move through all 24 programs, a new one each day, and master mindfulness meditation while also having fun.

    • And the best news is - you don't have to do anything at all except turn on the app and enjoy the show, as tech merges with spirit to guide your attention naturally in meaningful directions.

    Note: You can also enjoy this app at work or at school as a quick-quick mindfulness wake-up insert into a busy day. The programming is secular, grounded in cognitive psychology and mindfulness practices in the tradition of humanistic psychology.

    Designed by psychologist John Selby with many years of introducing clients to new and meaningful inner experience, the guided sessions contain no hidden 'conditions' and are entirely safe, professionally-responsible, and enjoyable.

    The Mindfully Here App is in no way intended as medical treatment, although mindfulness has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, and suffering from pain. Do consult your doctor as needed.

    John Selby's MindfullyHere Guidebook, "Quiet Your Mind" is also available, at Amazon and Enjoy these in-depth discussions about how to best quiet your buzzing thoughts and become more mindful in your actions.

    Please join us at to learn more, and share your experiences!

    Bio: John Selby ThD, the creative director of the programs on this app, is a spiritual psychologist with three decades of experience as a therapist. John has conducted brain research for the National Institutes of Health, did sociological NIH studies of family spiritual life, and published over 30 self-help and meditation books.He has recently worked in Silicon Valley developing at-work mindfulness programs for corporate use, and taught thousands his unique approach to short-form meditation.