ToGo! Cuba

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    "ToGo! Cuba" is a navigation system with complete maps of Cuba that works without an internet connection!
    "ToGo! Cuba" is based on data derived from "OpenStreetMaps" ( and will be constantly updated.


    -Universal App
    -Map of Cuba
    -Night view
    -Option for dynamic re-routing
    -Textual notification when in background
    -Compatible with iPhone 4S and later; can also be used on all iPads with integrated GPS module
    -Optimized for Retina and Retina HD displays
    -FREE future updates of map
    -Map rendered in OpenGL ES 2.0 on all devices for reduced battery consumption and greater ease of use
    -Optional 3D display of buildings
    -Choice of male or female voice
    -Database of points of interest from, including more than 120 types of POI
    -Is possible to find point of interest close to a destination
    -Support for turn restrictions, house numbers, buildings from
    -Support for multitasking: navigation voice will continue to function when other apps are in use or when screen is locked
    -Choice of three different types of routes: faster / shorter, LTZ and toll roads
    -Saved history for last 20 destinations
    -Route profile in real time
    -Walking directions
    -Automatic recalculation of routes
    -Auto-rotate display mode Horizontal / Vertical
    -One-click error reporting for map
    -Variety of color sets for map
    -Map derived from, completely offline and updated free of charge at regular intervals.

    - "ToGo! Cuba" is based on map data from an open-source project that aims to map all the world with the help of people like you. There may occasionally be errors, discrepancies or even small areas not mapped; please signal using the appropriate tool in-app, or better yet, subscribe to and make the necessary corrections to the maps! In this way, in future FREE updates of "ToGo! Cuba" quality of the maps will always be better!

    -Continuous use of GPS in the background can significantly reduce battery life.
    -"ToGo! Cuba" requires a GPS receiver integrated into the device