Libby's Lab




    Teach your child about the world around them. Through science children are able analyse, explore and investigate processes relevant to their surroundings. Science encourages development and critical thinking but in order to inspire children to engage in scientific activities we need to make learning fun!

    Libby’s Lab offers an extremely engaging set of experiments suitable for children of all ages and abilities. By working through the app children are able to learn, have fun and develop their scientific knowledge at the same time. The app is aimed to help parents teach their children the importance of science and learn about some of the key processes, including volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, the water cycle and much more.

    The step by step instructions are easy to follow, allowing parents to effortlessly carry out the experiments at home. Once the experiment is complete the science is explained by some of The University of Exeter's top Earth Scientists. After these explanations the children are given the opportunity to answer a quiz question to win a piece of equipment for their very own virtual science lab. Complete all of the experiments and answer all of the questions correctly to fill up your lab! So join Libby our virtual citizen in her lab and download this app for hours of valuable, educational fun!