Phonics 2 Pupils Part 2




    Phonics 2 Pupils Part 2 is the second part of Phonics 2 Pupils interactive material which provides young learners of English with the digital tools to break down the sounds of words in an educational and entertaining manner. For the first part of Phonics 2 Pupils please download Phonics 2 Pupils Part 1.

    It consists of:
    ・Short Vowels presentations and writing words (per Unit)
    ・Animated songs (per Unit)
    ・Chants (per Unit)
    ・Interactive fun activities (colouring, draw lines etc)
    ・Learning tasks (circle the right letters, listening) with automatic feedback
    ・Interactive games per Unit (“pelmanism”, “maze”, “puzzle pieces”, “bingo”, “froggie”, “word bubbles” and many more)
    ・Picture dictionary with audio

    All of the interactive material is presented in a playful way, in which learners are able to tap on various items and listen to the corresponding sounds. Stories are enriched with smart sound effects and the “Listen and read.” sections are enriched with smart animations. Learners can practice the sounds of words in various ways (by animated presentation of the short vowels and then by selecting animated items to listen to words in full sentences or by listening to animated songs).

    Learners can access the Picture Dictionary any time they want to revise or simply listen again to a particular short vowel sound. Learning takes place sub-consciously in a stress-free environment. It’s an innovative interaction than only this application can offer!