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    We strongly suggest reading the tutorial before recording your videos.

    There was a time when you needed multi-million dollar cameras, expensive radar guns, and a huge team to accurately measure your performance on the pitcher's mound. You must've thought to yourself, "there's got to be another way!"

    We feel your pain. We thought for a very long time, and found a better way. We brought our amazing desktop tools to iOS so you can start improving your performance by using your iPhone!

    With Pitch Analyzer, you'll be able to:
    - Get the velocity of a thrown ball
    - View the flight path of a ball as it travels from the mound
    - Replay clips to improve performance

    And additional features are available for purchase through the app which enable features like:

    - Strike Zone (for *finally* being able to call the umpire out)
    - Multi Pitch (to view multiple flight paths at the same time)
    - Drawing (Coach with visuals by drawing on top of a video)

    With more features to come over time.

    Disclaimer: We suggest recording videos behind a screen or fence. Do not put you or yourself or anyone else in any danger. We do not take responsibility for any injuries or damages to devices, please use this software responsibly. One more thing, HAVE FUN!

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