Simply the best Gratitude Journal out there. Success is getting what you want, Happiness is wanting what you get!
    Social scientists have found that the fastest way to feel happiness is to practice gratitude. Amazing magic power is within you, it will make your life much better. Gratitude.
    The magic happens when:
    You are focused and thankful for what you have
    Grateful from your heart
    Practiced on a daily basis

    “Keeping a gratitude journal is the single most important thing i’ve ever done” - Oprah Winfrey

    How? Find 1 minute in your daily schedule, it can be any minute.
    30 seconds close your eyes, breath & relax, 30 seconds think of something you are Grateful or Thankful for. It can be something from today (great meeting, quality time with friend), or general (thankful for learning from my mistakes)

    + Simple and fun interface for journaling your gratitude
    + Easy counter for how many days in a row you are grateful
    + Friendly reminders to create a gratitude habit
    + Add friends you are grateful to be in your life
    + Create a gratitude habit together with your close friends