Pray Together




    Let’s Pray Together

    We all need to pray.
    Often we ask ourselves what we should pray.
    Often we need to be reminded about different intentions we should pray for.
    It is important to remind ourselves about the different types of prayer that we should use when praying.

    For these and many other reasons we concluded that we will be helping ourselves and others if we would use our cellular phones to help each other by commencing "Let’s Pray Together" group.

    "Let’s Pray Together" is a program that any person can join without any conditions and leave the group any time.
    To become member of the group one must enter the Apps and fill in the required information.
    Name, family name, father’s name
    Telephone number
    Email or Facebook address
    The name of the village or city where you reside. If outside Armenia, the name of the country.

    At this stage the program is offering the following service:
    At your preferred hour of the day, every day you will receive "The different prayer of the day".
    Few lines from different Psalms of the Bible.
    A small reading from the Bible.

    We all have our different prayer intentions. The group member is accepting to pray also for the intentions of all the other group members.

    Every day a general prayer intention will be offered to the group members. Also there will be weekly and monthly prayer intentions.

    Each member can propose his/her prayer intention by return contact.