Wishalom's review

    Published: 2018-05-29, by .

    An application to turn your wishes into reality

    • It's original.
    • Simple yet powerful purpose.
    • Very customizable.
    • Social media sharing features.
    • It needs more active users.

    "Grab your phone and make a wish!"


    I can't lie: at first, I was very skeptical regarding Wishalom effectiveness. But when I began to test this app I realized its true purpose: to give you a place to start wishing and an opportunity to share your wishes with other people. As you open this app, you'll be able to see public wishes from people around the world. Once you sign up, you can make your own wish and also comment, share or even react on anybody else's dreams.

    Wishalom is really intuitive to use. Besides, each wish can be personalized. You can pick the font type, font color, background color, location, duration, etc. You can also add custom tags to improve reach and visibility. I mean: if you love basketball, you can pick "sports" category, tag the NBA team you support and your favorite player and write down your dream: "I want Lebron back in Miami Heat". Why not? In short time you will find out you're not the only sports fan who wants the same... and maybe that's how things happen: one step at a time.


    Best of it? Its originality and its potential. There isn't any other app like Wishalom. It's not a crowdfunding app or an inspirational app: writing down and sharing (in public or with friends, doesn't matter) what you want is an important step to turn yearnings in reality, and Wishalom makes you easy.


    Patrick Mimran (Wishalom's developer) has successfully drawn a beautiful starting line, but now users need to embrace Wishalom's features. It needs more active users. Would you give it a try?


    by juampi

    May 29, 2018


    You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. And now, you get the power to make other’s wishes come to life, too! Make your wish or wish along others, and wait for it to come true!

    What makes us human? The ability to hope and dream and wish! And the best thing about this is we are never alone. A lot of us crave and share similar wishes - own a car, meet your favorite celebrity, marry your crush, travel the world and of course the list is never ending. No matter how small or huge your desire is, it’s finally time, to stop keeping the wishes to yourself and tell your bucket list to the world!

    Wishalom, an amazing “wish social network” is embarking on a feature-rich app to enable your wish, share it to the world, all while allowing users around the globe to help you fulfill it. You can start networking and chatting with people sharing similar wishes and work towards getting exactly what you want!
    Finally, you can stop blowing those birthday candles or waiting for a shooting star to make a wish.

    # Feature Wishlist #
    - Creative wishboard to make unique wishes that you always dreamt of
    - Make you wish public or private to your friends
    - Set timer for your wish to let others know how soon you want it!
    - Interactive chat option with people interested in your wish
    - Share others’ wishes and help them fulfill theirs too
    - Showcase your fulfilled wishes and its story on a public dashboard
    - Share your wish on all social networks
    - Fun way to network and make friends through wishes!

    Quick! Close your eyes and make a wish...
    That red Ferrari on your driveway doesn’t seem to farfetched now, does it? ;)
    Share the app with friends and family to grow the wish network and help everyone on earth come a step close to the thing they always wished for!

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