Wisher - give you possibility to create unique and atractive wishes! You can create a decoration with a QR code and send it to everyone by mail or facebook. You can even save your decoration to your local library to print it later! There are some sample wishes or you can write your own text! The person who will recieve your wishes can use Wisher to HEAR your wishes ( the voice synthetiser will read them by voice ). The wishes created by Wisher can be read ( text only ) by any QR code reader ( you will be redirected to a website with your wishes, which will be send by URL ).

    Wisher offers you:

    > Possibility to create unique decoration with wishes in QR code

    > Possibility to hear wishes made in Wisher ( read by voice synthesizer )

    > Ready to use decorations ( one type in 3 different color themes )

    > Sample christmas wishes

    > Easy to use user interface

    > Possibility to send decoration with wishes by mail, post on facebook, and possibility to save decoration to camera roll

    > Application offers two languages ( polish and english )