Sending a “WYA-NOW” request allows users to ask where the person is located without dropping and pin or typing in an address. After setting up your user account, user will send an invite to family, friends, co-workers, employers, and employees to connect to see someone’s live GPS location.
    The user can only see the person’s live GPS location if the person accepts the request by setting a timer anywhere from 5 minutes up to 1 hour. Once the timer runs out the requested live GPS location will disappear. (Location can ONLY be seen if person “ACCEPTS” WYA-NOW request.)
    This GPS/Social media app will allow users to have an interactive location transfer experience in live time. The user will be able to see if the persandroon is driving or walking; in addition, if the person is walking, the user will be allowed to see the invite’s precise location walking around in the building they are in.
    It can show up to 5 live GPS locations simultaneously by first tapping on the friend icon. Next, tap the map icon in the top righthand corner and the live multi-view GPS locations will appear.
    For example, the user could view their invite going from store to store in the mall without having to call or message them asking, ‘where you at now?’; while simultaneously being able to view a family member in different states or the world, view your kids walking home from school, know exactly when your friend is on the way, and can see exactly where your employees are at, all at the same time, Live!

    WYA-NOW includes:
    GPS Homepage
    the people who are viewing your live GPS location because you accepted a
    WYA-NOW request (top horizontal bar)
    The Vertical bar on the homepage shows your invite’s live GPS location you are viewing
    Map of users Live GPS location
    Other Features
    large videos and messages
    Voice message through chat
    Video Call
    Group Chat