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    Published: 2017-12-29, by .

    Help Adam the hero make perfect jumps

    • Fresh and fun
    • Super challenging
    • Can be a bit frustrating

    "The Ultimate Jump"


    Adam Jump Combo is a fun game of reflexes with some RPG elements featuring a hero who needs to climb up in the sky, jumping from platform to platform and saving the world by completing all the secret tasks that appear along the way. Enjoy the 4 scenes available with 10 levels each (take into account that some of them might be locked, so be careful).

    The game is much harder than it seems, as you need to keep in mind that the platforms move from side to side and the direction of the hero's movement before the jump. Jump, fall, try again and try as many times as you need in order to complete every level.

    Use the "effects" to help you out when you most need it, like for example, Shooting star, which helps you jumps faster. You'll surely need that power-up every once in a while.


    There are various tips that you can read in order to become a better player and make the most of your experience. The game is fun and challenging at the same time and the design is colorful and perfect for players of all ages.


    The game can become a bit frustrating if you don't accomplish the objectives quickly. After a few tries, it can get repetitive, but it's still a worthy game for those who like to challenge themselves and train their reflexes skills.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Dec 29, 2017


    This is a AVG with RPG elements. In this world, you are the hero's leader who will lead the hero to finish "jumping performances". Of course you will do much more in this world, such as saving the world. The more you play, the more interesting plots you will get through. Moreover, you may find some clues in these plots which will lead you to get into hidden events.
    Hidden event 1:
    Olga, a little dog, is lost in a strange space. If you find Olga, congratulations, you will have chance to go to NORTH STAR TRIBE where more interesting stories are waiting for you.
    Hidden event 2:
    Enter into Adam's memories to see what happened ten years ago. Why Adam doesn't return FLAME QUINTESSENCEs? Is Adam a rascal or does he have a reason?
    Failed again! This level is too hard! Don't worry. Read tips when you are at a loss what to do.
    Kind people on JUMPING PLANET prepare six effects for you. These effects will be helpful. But you need to gain these effects through effort.
    These effects are:
    1. SHOOTING STAR: This is a gift from Hierophant Michele. She may tell you this effect will bring you luck, however, it can only make you jump faster.
    2. FLOWER: You will get it from a mysterious little girl. When you use this effect, you will find that you can jump farther during RAMP JUMPING.
    And…why don't you find out other effects by yourself? It will be more exciting.
    There are 4 scenes in this game. Each scene has 10 levels. Some of the levels are locked. You need to pay attention, or you may miss them.
    The 4 scenes are:
    1. JUNGLE: Here used to be Adam's hometown where is scenic. But a huge collapse dragged people downward.
    2. KINDOM OF FIREFLIES: This is a interesting cave, because there is no light here.If you want to see, you have to use torchs. In here, you can't see the stages, you need to estimate the movement of stages.
    3. DEMON'S DEN: Be carful, the big boss is waiting for you here. But once you pass through here, you will help firelies return to where they used to be.
    4. VALLEY OF SINNERS: A barren place, but everyone in here is free. You will lead Adam to finish the most skillful jump here. So never give up before you get here.
    There are more interesting and challenging things in this game. Come to find them. Just remember: be patient.

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