Baker’s Game




    Uncover cards so they fly up in ascending order to the 4 suit stacks. A standard deck is dealt in 8 cascading stacks. Move cards between the 8 cascading stacks and 4 free cells to uncover cards so they fly up to complete the suit stacks. You can only move the top card of a cascading stack or a card in a free cell. A card can be moved to an empty free cell; to the top of another cascading stack with top card of the same suit and one higher value; or to one of 4 suit stacks in ascending order from Ace to King. For example, 3 of clubs can be moved to a cascading stack with top card 4 of clubs. Any value card can be moved to an empty free cell or empty cascading stack.

    Tapping a card once will move it to a suit stack if a spot is available or to a pile with available higher card of same suit. Double-tapping a card will move it to an open free cell. Alternatively, you can simply drag a card to where you want it to go. If an attempted move is not allowed, the card will shake.

    Not all games are winnable. You can reject a new hand that looks too difficult by clicking New Game again. If you click New Game before moving any cards, the game will not count as a loss. Click Undo to undo one move at a time, or Start Over to undo all moves in the current game.