Bananas!!'s review

    Published: 2018-03-06, by .

    Catch as many yellow bananas as you can inside your barrel

    • Addictive and pottencially viral
    • Good time-killer for casual players
    • A bit repetitive

    "Bananas frenzy!"


    It's raining bananas- hallelujah! Kill time and allow yourself to escape yourself from the real world in this crazy addictive game. If you enjoyed Flappy Bird - who didn't? - you will surely love this banana storm.

    Rules are simple: collect the healthy delicious yellow fruits and avoid the rotten black ones. Easy? Well, it depends on how focused you can be.

    This app, designed by Viral Games, has all the elements to go idem. Once you taste it, you can count on wanting to play this game over and over again. Beat your score or go bananas trying!


    The app is challenging and fun at the same time. Regarding its aesthetics, cartoons are colorful and beautifully drawn. Sound effects are a bit dull but they do the job. Overall the app is a quick & efficient way to keep the boredom at bay for at least few minutes.


    Bananas!! is a very basic game. Though it does not mean that it is bad at all, it can, however, become a bit repetitive. I cannot picture someone playing for more than 20 minutes. The game can also be a bit too difficult to start with, and if you get tense up easily, this is not your app.

    Christian M

    by Christian M

    Mar 06, 2018


    Need to kill some time? "Peeling" Bored? Just want to get away? Call a 45 second time-out on life and go Bananas!

    A simple catch game with a twist. How many bananas will you catch before your run ends?

    - Free to play.
    - Go on a run and get high scores!
    - Unlock special barrels!
    - Easy to play, hard to master.
    - Great time killer.
    - Share your score with friends and family, or connect to GameCenter and compare your score with the world!

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