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    Published: 2017-06-06, by .

    Move quickly and tap the circle before it's too late

    • Simple and fun
    • Great minimalist design
    • Easy to learn and pick up
    • A bit too simple

    "Can You Beat It?"


    Beat Cursor is a simple and addictive clicking game where reflexes are the most important skill you need. The only goal here is to beat the cursor and tap the color circle as soon as possible. As you can expect, speed quickly increases and everything will be harder the more you play, so you need to fully concentrate so as to improve your score every time. Will you be able to climb up the leaderboard?

    Beat Cursor presents a minimalist and visual interface that makes it look quite professional and attractive. At first, the game can seem a bit easy, but it soon gets a bit more complicated and it's impossible to keep up after a while.

    Keep in mind that the ranking was created just for this game and it automatically sends the best score of the day (works locally and online).


    It's one of those games that you can play for a bit every day and is always fun and doesn't require much time. The design is simple but effective and you can learn it in just a few seconds: tap, tap and tap!

    The app can be played on an Android and an iPhone at the same time and on multiple devices, such as your smartphone and a tablet, as it looks perfect either way.


    The ads are a bit intrusive and at one point we couldn't close them. Despite that small issue, the game works smoothly and is enjoyable for those looking for some quick entertainment.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Jun 06, 2017

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