Bina Blocks




    Create! Build! Construct!

    Can YOU build a sturdy enough structure? How strong are YOUR Bina Blocks?!


    Bina Blocks is a uniquely-designed puzzle game that involves using a limited number of various shaped blocks to build structures above a certain height.

    However, that's assuming the bird doesn't swoop in and knock it all down, Jenga-style. The challenge is balancing a tall structure that reaches the height requirement versus a strong one that won't get knocked over.

    Because your time as the consumer is valued, there are 50 hand-crafted, challenging levels, each one just as fun as the last. Bina Blocks will have more levels added as time goes on, introducing more mechanics, and generally making the game better than it already is.

    Watch the Gameplay Trailer first!:


    9.3 / 10 -- "Beauty and Simplicity"



    - An iOS Exclusive! (Won't find it anywhere else)
    - Unique, drop & drop mechanics.
    - 50 hand-crafted levels.
    - Explosive TNT.
    - Mystery Clouds
    - Clean, polished graphics.
    - Ability to share with friends.
    - Pleasing sound effects and music
    - Fun, challenging puzzle elements.
    - Annoying bird that knocks down your structure.
    - Made with Cocos2d and Box2d engines.
    - It's an indie game! (and a great one too!)


    Bina Blocks is the challenging and addicting game that you'll want to play over and over until you get 3 stars on every level! Carefully place each block so as to ensure support, but also height!

    And the best part? It's free!

    Enjoy! :)



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