TREEPlain SnowFestival January

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    Pairs of T&M have gathered!!
    The fighting match to go for a good harvest!!

    This year, Len-chan and Leo-kun newly appear!
    Fute & Kuma also break into...

    Nacchan, Nanachan, and Miss.Orange have come, too!!
    Yuki-chan and Suno-kun are here, too!!

    Fight in pairs.
    In the TREE plain, it's snowing more than last year~~.

    All characters have 4 Fruits Attacks and 1 Festival Attack.
    It features Solo play, BlueTooth multi-play, watch mode.

    It has the great controller, because it has the same commands for special attacks.
    Thanks to the watch mode, you can be greatly satisfied with just watching the characters playing cheerfully.

    I newly developed the flower effect fot Len-chan.
    Flowers are floating freely as I expected.

    The snow festival with T&M characters has begun.