Evolvace E3O

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    EvolvaceE3, transcending the super weapon EvolvaceE2.
    Produce E3O, the original of E3.

    Complete the strongest E3O by combining Guardace's powerful energy generators and weapons.
    Try out the performance of the battleship between E3Os created experimentally.
    Fight also against E1s and E2s. Transcend all.
    All covered, Solo, Watch, Local multi-player, World multi-player.
    In the multi-player, switch the navigator to human or computer at any time.

    Combine 3 generators at your own will.
    Superconductive Space Energy Generator.
    Anti-matter Energy Generator
    Dark-matter Energy Generator

    Combine various kinds of weapons in correspondence with the generator.
    Set the energy consumption rate of every weapon.

    Select one of 6 Remz systems.

    Over tens of millions of combinations.
    The best battleship customization fast on-line VS shooting.

    The targets of E3 are Resurrace and Evolserk.
    Destroy all traitors completely.