Candy Sudoku - Puzzle Game




    Here comes one of the best games for you and below are the details :

    - Exciting and Fun game.
    - Unlimited number of puzzles.
    - Play continuously.
    - Play with your favorite Candy.
    - Pick from lots of Candy to play.
    - Achievements and Leader board to compare your score with others.
    - Nice interactive animations/sounds while playing.
    - No Ads.
    - No wait times.

    How to Play:

    - Touch an empty cell/slot in Sudoku box.
    - Touch any Candy cell in the bottom box to place it in the selected cell/slot. Do not select Candy which is already present in the row, column and 3x3 box of the selected cell.
    - Touch any Candy cell in Sudoku box to highlight the animals.
    - Touch 'Candy' at the bottom to pick from lots of Candy.
    - Touch 'New Game' any time to start a new Puzzle.
    - Touch 'Achievements' to see the total score and details of the completed puzzles and to go to Leader board.
    - Touch 'Settings' to change the background / sound / timer settings.