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    Clumzee: Endless Climb's review

    Published: 2016-02-25, by .

    A satisfying physics game with cute characters and smooth performance

    • Great fun
    • Challenging enough
    • Cute graphics and characters
    • Nothing groundbreaking

    "Clumzee Up!"


    Clumzee: Endless Climb is a cute reflexes game with a colorful design and a collection of endearing characters. Help Clumzee work his way up and prevent him from falling into the monster's mouth. How to do so? Tap on surfaces and walls to use the sticky legs and never fall down; you need to continuously move in order to keep up with the game's pace.

    The objective of the game is to reach the highest destination, eat fireflies and collect golden coins along the way. The game will be over once the minions get to you because you haven't been fast enough.

    A seemingly simple pastime that is much more entertaining than other similar physics games.


    We love the colorful visuals and the smooth controls: it all works perfectly and the app is as fun as difficult to master. If you love physics games, you'll probably enjoy this one as much as any other.


    This is not an original game by any means, we've seen similar gameplays many times before. But Clumzee manages to stand out because of its wonderful graphics and thanks to its fun and deeply enjoyable mechanic that seems extremely easy but it's actually pretty challenging in the end.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Feb 25, 2016


    Help Clumzee find the right path! Navigate a cute but clumsy creature through many dangerous worlds. Move Clumzee up by controlling his sticky legs, and be sure not to fall down. He must move quickly and avoid mysterious water creatures and their spiteful minions who will try to stop him. Get as far as possible and reach the highest score. Collect golden coins to enter new worlds and eat as many fireflies as possible. Your new friends such as Tiger, Pirate, Viking, Samurai and many others will come to your side. Together you will conquer canyon winds, deep forests and even outer space!

    - 30+ adorable characters with different personalities and qualities
    - Travel through worlds such as land of candy, spooky cemetery and even space!
    - Harness special powers to climb as high as you can
    - Funny movement based on physics
    - Engaging gameplay full of dangerous evil minions
    - Family game for children and adults
    - Cute cartoony graphics and addictive gameplay

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